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Jig & Tool

Jig & Tool

Track Record

VNF has designed and engineered many jigs, fixtures, tools, moulds and dies over our 28 year history. Once the core function of the business it is still a strong area of expertise no matter whether a small hand-held tool is required for an assembly or fitting operation, a large fully automated wing assembly or material handling rig is needed, or a multi-impression carbon fibre mould and cure tool is necessary.

Current Activity

VNF offers design engineering services at any and all stages of the process, from initial concept to delivery of the finished article, and we tailor each and every project to the needs of the customer. Our business is problem solving wherever that may be – from additional support to an existing design team (on or off site), expertise to supplement or compliment your existing skillbase, right up to turn-key ‘problem in, solution out’ tools, machines and cells.

Forward Vision

Our Jig and Tool division has worked with many household names. For example Ford, Aston Martin, BMW and Jaguar Land-Rover in automotive; and Airbus, Bombardier, Lockheed Martin and Boeing in Aerospace - to name but a few.

Jig and Tool is in the midst of a generation change now with Industry4.0 and complete automation: VNF has been Automating tooling for the last 20 years and are ready to help take the next step in production technology

Material Competence

As you should expect, VNF are deeply skilled in working with a vast array of materials. From the regular and more common materials such as carbon and tool steels, non-ferrous metals like copper and aluminum, to the new breed of hyper-materials such as carbon fibres and composites, stratified reinforced polymers, and super-steels. Whether you need to manufacture with or from them, you need to handle or join these raw materials, we have the experience and aptitude to design and engineer the right solution for you and your process.

Special Purpose Machine

If tooling projects are progressive and evolutionary, SPM projects represent great opportunities for businesses to really leap forward. Now more than ever your business must make the most of every penny invested, maximising profits yet minimising wastage and environmental impacts.

Applying the latest in innovative technologies, and cross-pollinating ideas from multiple sectors, refines and distils what are often time and effort consuming processes into lean and efficient operations. One of many great examples of this is automatic energy monitoring systems used within automation that ensure no valuable energy is wasted, and you can not only claim green credentials as a valuable key differentiator of your business, but provide detailed information to back them up.

Utilising the skill base of our R&D division; 
VNF: Theoretic, we have streamlined many workflows and developed specialised machines, equipment and production lines giving radical cost savings and short payback and ROI times. With our forward-looking approach we can ensure you benefit fully and capture every possibility for improvement available; whether you need us to study your current operations and identify scope for improvement, or whether you would like to hand us a problem and we provide you the turn-key machine to solve it, VNF can help.

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